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Whether your legal needs involve marriage or de facto problems, disputes over property or children, our team offers you peace of mind, the benefit of our long experience. Sheralee Wade is a family law specialist accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales. When you ask us to look after you we will advise you in down to earth language, keep you up to date each step of the way, and keep you fully informed about what steps we will take for you. For straightforward help and advice you need at a difficult time contact us at familylaw@fairfaxlaw.com.au



Criminal Law

Whether you need advice on NSW or federal criminal matters, we can assist. Contact us for practical advice on drink driving and other traffic offences, all licence appeals, bail applications, coroners inquests, children's court matters and defended hearings in all courts.


Powers of Attorney and Guardianship

So you keep control of your assets when you can’t look after them yourself

If you were unable to handle your own financial affairs because of something like illness, a car accident or travel overseas you would need to appoint a trusted person who could act for you.

What is a Power of Attorney?

This is a document which allows someone else to look after your financial affairs and to act on your behalf. The powers can be general, ongoing or only for a specific task or time.
For example, if you are abroad during the time your house is on the market, your Power of Attorney would detail your instructions and allow the appointed person to handle the sale.
Another example would be for a couple to give each other Power of Attorney in case one becomes very ill or incapacitated for some reason (e.g. mental illness like dementia).
The person you appoint may be a member of your family, a trusted friend or someone like your solicitor. However, you may also change or cancel your Power of Attorney at anytime.

Your Attorney has the same powers as you over your assets and money so it is very important that your Power of Attorney is carefully prepared so your attorney can do what you intend them to do.

We would be happy to advise you about preparing a Power of Attorney.